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Welcome to our f.N. Happy Farm


"f" for family, "N" for Nickle, - you were thinking that - right!

I'm happy you have discovered us, just as we have discovered the joys of living on a hobby farm.  We have been producing vegetables and pasture raised animals for seven seasons without the use of chemicals or synthetic fertilizers.  This journey has introduced us to nutritious food, an active and healthy livestyle, and to many kind and interesting people.   

Keeping it simple, we are taking a back to basics approach to vegetable & animal farming. I've traded in my high heels for rubber boots, my briefcase for a shovel and replaced business books with agricultural ones.  

Volunteers are welcomed.  If you would like to volunteer time on the farm, please send me a message.  Always something to learn and do on the farm.  

If you come across "CSA", learn more about it, and how you can support farmers while having access to local, fresh & nutritious food.  Please check out other CSA farms which may be closer to your area http://csafarms.ca.  If you are interested in joining our CSA, give me a call at 905 862-0591 or drop me an email at angela@fnhappyfarm.ca.  

Happy Regards,


Company History

The f.N. Happy Farm was started in 2007.  The Nickle family purchased a 10-acre hobby farm, in 2004.  The property is located just 10 minutes West of the town of Uxbridge. 

In 2008, approximately 2 acres were prepared for a market garden a long way aways from the very first 4ft by 4ft garden. 

Our livestock and poultry are free to roam within a safe bountry.  All the livestock manure is collected and put back into compost piles.  Our livestock are treated as valuable animals which we care for on an individual basis.

All food is sustainably grown (chemical free, no herbicides, or pesticides).


The Nickle family originally brought a farm as a safe haven for their daughter, Lindsay.  Here she fosters her love for animals and nature.  The f.N. Happy Farm business was created to fully utilize the land and animals.

As a small family operated farm, we are here to provide and share with others what we have to offer.