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Seasonal Vegetables - no synthetic� fertilizer, chemicals, fungicides, herbicides

Starting with untreated, organic, or sustainably grown seeds,�I offer an array of heirloom and ethnic�vegetables geared towards the chef at heart, or�the adventurous foodie.

Workshare CSA, $275

Gate Sales Friday,� noon�to 5pm�

At your service, call ahead.
Colour Ungraded Farm Fresh�Eggs -�gate sales
$5.50/dozen - effective Jan. 1. 2017

Our laying hens are raised from chicks.� As hens they have access to pasture, and confined to garden areas where they are protected from predators, yet are able to feast�away at a buffet of insects and vegetation. As well as non GMO feed.

We raise white rock chicks in small quantities between April to October.� Our CSA members are offered�fresh or frozen chicken several times during the growing season.� At four to five weeks, chickens are moved to confined pasture areas, provided fresh water and feed twice a day.� They�dress between 4 to 6 lbs.

We raise turkeys between May to October just in time for Thanksgiving.� Pretty much the same way as chickens, however, our�turkeys tend to enjoy more garden vegetables.� Turkeys are preordered and ready just for pick up October 10.� They dress between 14 to 20 lbs.

We have heritage turkeys available.� If you are looking for a smaller turkey, darker meat, please specify this when you order.

Our poultry are fed non - GMO feed. �

Frozen cuts of pork available.� Chops $6.50 - $6./lb, roasts $6.00/lb, bacon $10.25/lb, peameal $6/lb, smoked hams $6.75/lb

We raise heritage pork on pasture from weiners throughout the growing season.� In addition to pasture, they receive water, feed, and seasonal vegetables.�
Culinary Herbs

Herbs are available throughout the growing season and included with salad mixes or sold in bunches.
Edible Flowers

A variety of edible flowers�are grown for�their colour and flavour for salads, desserts or decorating.�