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Seasonal Vegetables - no synthetic� fertilizer, chemicals, fungicides, herbicides

Starting with untreated, organic, or sustainably grown seeds,�I offer an array of heirloom and ethnic�vegetables geared towards the chef at heart, or�the adventurous foodie.

Workshare CSA, $275

Gate Sales Friday,� noon�to 5pm�

At your service, call ahead.
Colour Ungraded Farm Fresh�Eggs -�gate sales
$6.00/dozen - effective Jan. 1. 2019

Our laying hens are raised from chicks.� As hens they have access to pasture, and confined to garden areas where they are protected from predators, yet are able to feast�away at a buffet of insects and vegetation. As well as non GMO feed.

Culinary Herbs

Herbs are available throughout the growing season and included with salad mixes or sold in bunches.
Edible Flowers

A variety of edible flowers�are grown for�their colour and flavour for salads, desserts or decorating.�