Community Support Agriculture (C.S.A), in a seed pod, is an understanding between you and your farmer. You provide equity upfront in exchange for a weekly share of the harvest during the growing season.

At our farm, we have a workshare model. You pay and work for a weekly harvest share. $250 – $300, pay what you can. From Spring to Fall you can contribute 3 to 4 hours in exchange for seasonal vegetables.

Your time and resources are valuable. Whether you are looking for exercise, a place to escape, experience, or just fresh ingredients, at our farm, you will be able to add to your healthy lifestyle.

The relationships that have grown from this model continue to inspire and help us to grow.

Are you curious?

If you want to squeeze in an hour of weeding, please text me at 647 283 9524.  I’d be happy to share my experience and learnings since our journey began.