C.S.A workshare

Are you joining? Sign up ends November so we can plan for the upcoming growing season. Please send us a text at 647 283 9524 to arrange a visit before signing on.

Community Support Agriculture (C.S.A), in a seed pod, is an understanding between you and your farmer to receive a set number of weekly food baskets. Your payment upfront allows for a cash flow to purchase supplies for the upcoming growing season and helps with planning requirements.

At our farm, we have a workshare model. You pay and work for a weekly harvest share. $375. From May to September you work 3 hours and then harvest the vegetables and herbs you enjoy. Annual planning starts as soon as November. We are increasing or decreasing our garden based on needs.

Your time and resources are valuable. Whether you are looking for exercise, a place to escape, experience, or just fresh ingredients, at our farm, you will be able to add to your healthy lifestyle.

The relationships that have grown from this model continue to inspire and help us to grow.

As a C.S.A., you have access to our farm inventory first before we sell to the public.  This is a bonus to signing up as a C.S.A.  workshare.  For 12 months, starting in October, you are welcomed to enjoy the changing seasons at the farm.