Why Us

With your financial support, we keep our business moving forward. We have the flexibility to be creative and innovative, no one other than our small bubble of customers to cater to. Farm Gate Days, or “here when you need us” means you receive just harvested produce, fresh eggs, and as much advice/answers you require. Going for a Sunday drive? Stop in for a hot cup of brewed coffee or tea from 9 am at the farm.

Taking a back to basics approach, we grow food which inspires us to work long hours, and prepare nutrient based dishes that look and taste delicious.

Starting with a chemical free mind set, we purchase seeds for our gardens and feed our barn yard animals. Raised, grown and made by farmers with the help of volunteers, and c.s.a. workshare. These are the people who make up our family. 


Feed you as we feed ourselves with good intentions.  We are taking to back to basics approach, slow food, whole food.  


That those who meet us are inspired by us to sow, grow, and preserve.  Foster a happy place you see as your happy place.    


Respect, integrity, gratitude